Objectives and tasks

The objective of the Polish MC WEC activity is to support a development and peaceful exploitation of national energy resources as well as to represent Polish energy sector in the WEC and to promote its achievements at the WEC forum. The objectives of the Polish National Committee are consistent with the WEC Constitution and are being implemented through:

  • presentation and promotion in Poland of the activity results of WEC, of its Standing and Study Committees as well as of its Member Committees,
  • organising the participation of the Polish MC WEC representatives in the World Energy Congresses, at the meetings of the WEC Committees and in the research projects conducted by the WEC Study Groups,
  • presentation of the Polish MC positions in relation to the energy problems and the environmental problems at the WEC forum,
  • co-operation with the WEC in the preparation of conferences, problem sessions and study groups,
  • initiating and supporting the studies on the Polish energy economy issues,
  • organisation of the national energy conferences, symposia, seminars and discussion teams meetings,
  • co-operation with the national authorities and administration in the field of the energy policy and environmental policy creation, through the elaboration of the opinions and positions in these fields,
  • co-operation with the other Polish energy organisations,
  • promotion of the technical and economic progress in the energy sector as well as of the activities aimed at the energy conservation and environmental protection