The latest publication of the German WEC Committee

The latest publication of the German WEC Committee

The German Committee of the World Energy Council recently published a publication entitled "Energy for Germany - facts, perspectives and positions in a global context."

The publication focuses on the transport sector, which ranks just after the energy sector, which is becoming more and more the subject of discussions on climate policy. Although road alone accounts for only around 20 per cent of CO2 emissions in Germany, it undoubtedly requires the mobilization of measures to improve climate protection in road traffic. Finally, around 95 per cent of emissions from the EU-28 transport sector come from road traffic and its emissions are increasing.

The publication answers the questions: What other measures are being taken in the transport sector around the world to achieve the agreed climate goals of Paris? What role will electromobility and synthetic fuels play in the future?
Two chapters one related to "climate protection in road traffic" and the other of "Facts and figures related to energy specific to Germany" have been translated into English and are available under the link /2018/07/83130_DNK_Energie2018_E.pdf

However, the entire publication in German is available on the website of the German WEC Committee under the link

We encourage you to read the material.